Rehabilitation / Augmentation of Wastewater Pump Stations in Dehiwala, Mount Lavinia and Kolonnawa


Project: Rehabilitation / Augmentation                 of Wastewater Pump Stations

               in Dehiwala, Mount Lavinia

               and Kolonnawa.


Client: CCB Envico Pty Ltd-Austrailia. 


Contract: EOT & Monorail  cranes                           Manufacturing and                                   Installation, Sewerage

                 pump house modification,                        mechanical equipment &

                  pump installation.


Completion : 2017


Project: Rehabilitation of  Dunumada                   -lawa water treatment plant.            

Client: Squire Mech Engineers Pvt Ltd.


Contract: Manufacturing and                                   Installation,2 Over Head                           travelling crane


Completion : 2017

Rehabilitation of Dunumadalawa Water Treatment Plant.
Greater Rathnapura Water supply Project
Greater Rathnapura Water Supply   Project


Project: Greater Rathnapura Water                           supply   Project


Client: Abeima


Contract: All Mechanical Installation                         of Water treatment plant &



Completion : 2015

Eastern Province Water Supply Development Project

Project: Eastern Province Water                             Supply Development Project


Client : Sierra Construction Ltd 


Contract: Design, supply, Fabrication                   and Installation of Overhead                   Travelling Cranes for Total                       Project.Total Mechanical                           Installation of Mahaoya                           Treatment Plant.Design,                           and Construction, Generator                   House for Bangalawadiya.


Completion : 2016

Greater Trincomalee Integrated Water Supply Project , Kantale


Project: Greater Trincomalee                                 Integrated Water Supply

               Project, Kantale


Client: Vinci Constructions Grand                      Projects-France


Contract: All Mechanical Installation of                   Water treatment plant.


Completion :2014

Water Treatment Plant of MAS Thulhiriya.


Project: Water Treatment Plant of                        MAS Thulhiriya.


Client: MAS Fabric Park (Pvt) Ltd


Contract: Design, supply & installation                 and commissioning of Total                     Electro-Mechanical Insta-                         llation of Raw Water Intake                      and the Water Treatment

                Plant including Pump Installa 

                -tion, Mechanical systems
                including Lamella Clarifier



Completion :2008

Ambathale Water Treatment Plant 


Project: Ambathale Water Treatment                  Plant   


Client: Group Seta


Contract: Installation testing and                           commissioning of R O Plant                   Negombo and Ambatale.  


Completion : 2010

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